Jun 30, 2010

Wasted Life

Wasted Life

Are the ancient Myans right?

Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, & the history channel have made me 100% paranoid about the remainder 2 of human life.

2012 is supposed to be the beginning of the end
And I have yet to begin to live.

What have I been doing the last 32 years?

Under a spell of a nurturing society the matrix of my reality is a delusion.

The pictures of my minds eye has been nothing more than illusions

8 mm shutters of imagined bliss and pain has left my soul lost.

Lost from love, true healthy love I am still searching…

Empty wastelands that surround my being like a violent sand storm,
I can no longer see my future because my past keeps the compass needle excited!
Have I wasted precious time trying to find my way?

The world is ending, the sky is falling, and my life seems futile

I had dreams and aspirations to be the next hot guest on Oprah’s couch and now even her show is ending.

Maybe the Myans are right,
And I should anxiously wait for the end of the world,
So I can finally write my last chapter to the fictional book I have been too lazy to write when I had time.

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