Jun 30, 2010

Bitch Nigga'z

Bitch nigga’z…

I mean that for any man
of all races, ages, and creed
I don’t understand the new breed
that spawn from young mothers wombs
with fatherless dreams haunting his psyche

Bitch nigga’z

I don’t understand the new wave of sensitivity
Along with the useless soap opera emotions
that travels through his spine
This is what makes him cry and whine;
like a small baby who needs his binky
Whenever a woman or man hurts his feelings
He gets upset and pouts like a child

Bitch nigga’z

He tells on you to whomever he thinks
will give a damn about what was said
and gossips about it like the average woman
They claim they are a man and should be treated as such
But in reality their balls have shriveled into really small peanuts
Not the salty kind that sometimes make a good snack
The stale bland kind that leave a nasty after- smack
of bitch-ass-ness that slowly seeps through his pours
Reeking of a foul stench that makes my eyes sore
I can no longer see you because you become invisible
A waste of space;
a disgrace to all I love that is beautiful:
A strong man who can not take every little thing said so personal
Instead he should flip it around and claim his crown
Stand firm and cipher any situation around

Bitch NIGGA’Z.

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