Jun 30, 2010

Eve's story

I am so bored! That guy Adam God said I had to be with is more boring than this garden. He keeps rubbing it in that I only exist because of his missing rib. Who cares? I didn’t ask to be here, yet here I am. The insects are always biting me, I bleed from this hole in between my legs once a new moon, and I always feel grumpy. How is this supposed to be paradise; when I rather be anywhere else but here with HIM.
Look at me now! I have resulted to talking to sheep. Sheep do you even care or know what I am saying to you? Probably not. I am just wasting my breath on another furry animal. Sheep you are my only friend right now because you don’t talk back. I actually enjoy this silence because whenever I try to tell Adam to stop touching me or stop trying to stick his weird thing in between the hole I bleed, he gets angry with me and won’t let me eat food with him. I don’t get him at all. I am not like you sheep. I can’t just let him jump on me and hump on me like the other sheep does to you. Do you like that sheep? I don’t. I do not like it all. I wish he would just leave me alone. That is why yesterday when I sneaked out of our hut I went on a walk so far away I almost got lost. The strangest thing happened sheep. I was just walking through the grass, gazing at the other animals and getting bitten by all of the insects. Out of nowhere a snake slithers down a tree and makes a SSSSS sound right next to my ear! I jumped and screamed so loud, but nobody was around to hear me. You haven’t heard the craziest part sheep. The snake began to speak to me. That is why I wonder if you can speak to me too, or understand what I am saying to you. The tree the snake came out of was a tree I never seen before. I noticed there were round red blossoms hanging from the tree branches and some were on the ground already. The snake then tells me that I should eat one. I asked the snake how he was speaking to me, but he didn’t answer me. He just kept slithering around my legs and up my body back into the tree as he spoke. He told me that if I took one bite of this fruit then I won’t have to deal with Adam anymore. I still did not understand how that was going to happen because Adam will look for me before the sun went down and try to hump on me again like he always does. The snake assured me that this fruit was special and one bite is all it would take for him to leave me alone forever. Sheep what else was I supposed to do? I really can not stand Adam and I wish he would just leave me alone, but since he won’t this seemed to be my only option. I ate it Sheep. It was so juicy and sweet. It was delicious and I couldn’t stop eating it. After I ate the fruit the snake disappeared the same way he appeared. I didn’t give it a second thought until I went back to Adam and he told me I must have done something bad because the sky looks different. I told him I didn’t do anything and he kept telling me I must have done something. I hate arguing with Adam because he is such a control freak. I wish he was quiet like you sheep, you have no idea how much I wish he never spoke a word to me again. Adam said I have to be back before the sun goes down today because God wants to talk to us both. I haven’t spoken to God since he took Adam’s rib when I came here. Maybe I did do something wrong Sheep. I can’t imagine what I did. Do you think that snake told me to eat that fruit to get Adam and me in trouble? That sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? I am not going to worry about it and I will let you know what God wanted with us tomorrow. I will see you later sheep, thank you for listening as always. See ya!

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