Jul 29, 2010

Against the grain

Root of ALL Evil?

I am starting to become addicted to Twitter a little bit. Quest Love from the Roots is on there 100 times a day talking about this new hip-hop this or Jimmy Fallon that.. I actually know some people in real life I follow and it is interesting to see what they Tweet about on a daily basis along with other people I would like to know. I don't go to the clubs, I stay home most nights with my kids, and because I am single and extremely picky I stay home most weekends. I guess I can't expect my virtual social network to expand until I one day try to expand my reality social network.

There is a local poet I am following on Twitter, and I have seen her perform on stage a handful of times. I really enjoy her poetry because her style is raw, real, fast, and to the point. She doesn't speak in a lot of metaphors and abstract verbiage that makes you wonder WTF is she talking about? She is clear, concise, and entertaining. I met her a couple of times, but I am not a person most people remember so she doesn't remember meeting me. I have to re-introduce myself as So and So's cousin and not just as myself. SAD.

This poet has a talk show format on a local online website I posted in my gadgets called and she posted on Twitter she is looking for interested ladies to join her panel to discuss the topic:

Is pussy the root of all evil? I thought this would be a very interesting topic. I am striving to become a prominent psychologist one day and I absolutely enjoy observing human behavior in all forms. My opinion is just as important as the next. I can get off my shy horse and just try it. I really need to put myself out there more. I need to meet new people and maybe build new friendships. I can't keep living in my living room. Nobody knows I'm sitting on my couch except me. So much for that social network if that is how I am going about it.

The show is a few days away and I replied on Twitter volunteering my random thoughts. Now the anxiety of the situation is settling in my guts. I committed to show up and talk into a microphone about my ideas about if pussy is evil or not. I need to get my ideas and thoughts in order. I can't just show up and freestyle whatever. I don't know how strong the other personalities will be and I don't want to clam up and not say anything because that will be stupid and I will continue to be ignored. Hence the reason for this BLOG. I need to figure out where do I stand and what do I want to say about this...things that make you go hmmmm.

First I should answer it. Is pussy the root of all evil? My answer is...NO!!!!
WHY? I don't see the logic behind it. A human organ cannot beget what our society deems as immoral or evil actions.
The more I think about it the more I have to dissect human behavior. The main difference between mammals in the animal kingdom and mammals as human species is cognitive thoughts and actions. It is a natural mammal activity for most male species to state their claim and position over the female species until a stronger or younger male comes along and fights for that role. Some species practice monogamy when others practice polygamy, polygyny, polyandry, polygynandry, and promiscuity. Human species does it all.

Humans are a lot more complicated when it comes to thinking about sex, but both humans and animals are very similar with the way they act on sex. Typical animal behavior consist of: sex between species, sex with inanimate objects, homosexuality, heterosexuality, and bi sexuality. There is absolutely no difference between what a animal will do and what a human will do. The only difference is animals don't care and humans live their lives under social and religious constraints; which take away what we would do naturally. Cognitive thoughts keep those belief systems in a constant revolving door because each decade of human species will put a new twist on what is deemed moral, religious, and socially acceptable within small and large groups of people.

Magnum anyone?
With that said...pussy cannot be the root of evil because I believe it is the male EGO that is the root of all evil. Nothing is more dangerous to the human race as the male ego. In today's society with current morality and religious laws the human male ego will cause wars, murder, greed, control, lust, and all the other sins listed in old bible script. Lust especially will misconstrued pussy being the evil culprit when it is the men who make it that way because of their egos. 
Men are both simple and complicated. The simplicity is they can be kept 'happy' as long as their ego is constantly stroked like a crying cat in heat. Complicated because they fight against their natural urge to spread their seed to as many pussy's they can due to social and religious rules of only being allowed 1 pussy at a time nowadays (unless your a Mormon or Islamic). Life was probably a lot more simple when multiple spouses were allowed. Because of this new societal rule of 1 pussy at a time their EGO becomes more sensitive when that pussy becomes compromised in any way. Once that EGO is threatened and they can no longer keep claim on that 1 pussy that is when things go array. A man will feel the urge to state claim of that pussy and that is when the EGO can have the capacity to initiate any of seven plus sins without any concern of moral, social, or religious rules that are in place. As long as humans fight against our natural mammal instincts the social rules we put on ourselves will change a simple sex act between two humans into a crime scene because of what we perceive as right versus wrong or good versus evil. The natural act of sex becomes evil once it gets that far.

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