Jul 12, 2010


Lawrence Krishna Parker August 20, 1965

Friday July 09, 2010 KRS-ONE rocked the mic @Cervante's  Denver, CO.

The ticket was only $20 and it was a duel hip-hop show with artist playing both stages and in-between DJ's would rip the 1's & 2's.

I was in heaven. I rode to the show with the 2 of my homeboys and another I just met. 3 men at a hip-hop show I feel safe considering I'm only 5'2" and 110 soak and wet. I needed to make sure somebody had my back. At the last Method Man show I was physically molested numerous times. I haven't had sex in so long I kinda didn't mind it, but still that wasn't cool. Since my homies are married and I am single it seemed like as soon as we walked in there we all kept our space to make sure nobody thought any of us were together. So me being me I hop around the venue like a hyper fairy and go from room to room depending on which band on which stage I felt like listening to. I was sitting down drinking my beer and then I noticed a waiter taking pans of fresh pizza to somebody.

I wanted Pizza and I wanted it bad. Who wudda thunk pizza or any food would be served at a establishment like this? Cervante's is a little seedy but perfect for small venue concerts.  I spotted where the pizza came from and was like a moth to a flame. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I was so hungry any pizza would be equivalent to a fresh Maine lobster with clarified butter. I get to the counter and ask if they accept credit cards. The guy said they do but it's a $5 minimum. I step back and look at the menu again and see a slice of pizza is $2.50. I look at him and say, "I only want one piece of pizza, will I meet the $5 mark if I get a soda?" That is when the flirty banter began back and forth; I noticed the guy I was talking too was cute and he was for sure flirting with me. We went back and forth me trying to bargin how I can get one slice without buying anything extra because I really didn't want a soda. At one point I asked him to just overcharge me and give me one slice even though he pointed at my stomach saying I needed 2. I then explained to him I have been drinking a lot of beer and one would be sufficient despite the illusion of my flat abs. Next think I know I called out to Jesus Christ out of frustration trying to barter for a piece of pizza, and then his co-worker finally gave me my one slice of cheese pizza. The guy who I been flirting with just gave it to me for FREE. He did ask for my number as an exchange, but he said it was fine and I can just take it because I was so cute. Right On. Free pizza and no awkward phone call the next day.

Back to the concert. I find my homies and tell them my story, they didn't care I was flirting with a cute guy, they just wanted to know why I didn't bring them a slice too. Uh I don't know, maybe because I wasn't trying to pimp the poor guy out of a pizza. I'm cute but not a pimp. The group that was performing finished and a local DJ got on the turn tables. The crowd thinned out for intermission and that is when we seen my homies friend trying to flag him down to the front row right at the stage. They were still standing where we were at, and then I told them "I'm going down there cause I don't give a Fuck!" as you can tell beer has officially entered my blood stream.

I get to the stage and realized the homies followed me. YAY! we are all here. The DJ was so horrible. This was a hip-hop show headlining KRS-ONE and he was playing old R&B songs from the early 90's. I couldn't feel it. There are so many good DJ's in Colorado I have no idea how this guy got this gig. It was all good, because as soon as he got off the DJ for KRS-ONE got on. He is local too but I can't remember his name because of my mind state. He was a beautiful man, I was in awe he looked like a mixed Tom Cruise with cool glasses and hat. He was spinning the turn tables like Tom Cruise in that movie Cocktail. He was amazing. KRS-ONE the man of the hour comes out on stage and it was surreal because he was literally right in front of me! I watched him on TV all my life and there he was standing so close I gave him dap twice throughout his set. He of course opened with 1986 South Bronx and he did a lot of free styling and he rapped over classical tracks showing his skill spittin rhymes on any bar of music. The B-Boys had their turn to show off their skillz in the middle of the show.
It was so awesome! I love KRS-ONE and feel honored to see him live in concert, another thing I can check off my bucket list.

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