Jul 6, 2010

An Evening with Deepak


While sitting inside the Mile High Church, the mood was calm as people stood around talking to fellow church members. There was a quiet murmur across the auditorium. I never been to this church before and it was obvious I was a stranger. Walking into the auditorium people handed out free copies of Deepak Chopra’s book titled Jesus. I sat in my chair holding on to my book and looked around at the strangers until the lights dimmed and everyone took their seats. Deepak walked on stage and everyone immediately gave applause. His red sparkle glasses caught every light and shimmered like a school of fish on a shallow beach. He was getting over a cold so his voice was raspy, but came across clear with his Indian accent echoing through the hall. Never standing in one place, he had no note cards, or a teleprompter. He was casual wearing blue jeans and a sport coat. As he paced back and forth he began to speak about the nature of consciousness as a fundamental reality that differentiates into cognition, biology, social interactions, personal relationships, environment, and the forces of nature. Deepak transitioned easily between each subject giving detailed philosophy on what is our true nature, where we come from, how to transform your self, and how to make the world better. Deepak involved the entire audience in two group meditations. We all closed our eyes as his soothing voice almost hypnotized the group into a calm peace. He spoke about road rage and how people do not have control over their own emotions. He was detailed about the cognitive way the brain functions as well as the biology of our bodies, mind, and spirit. The lecture was sold out and every seat was filled. Although I did not know any one personally; I felt enveloped in warmth and peace around my soul.

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