Sep 15, 2011

When I was a man

When I Was a Man

Indigenous roots grow thickly in the fog
Wooded jungles, mountains, and valleys
Natural beauty isolated with peace
Angels play their instruments with fresh air
Love washes over soft hearts of man

You don't see me
Southern genome saturated in rich bohemian flair
Imagine my exotic blond flower
See beyond my soul through my blue eyes
Play your guitars and beat your drums
Perceive my beauty no longer with prejudice

A familiar lover or two or several
Reminisced by a letter
Dual genders fighting for my soul
Wanting love to fill empty voids

Blue eye gringa catches his sight
His skin like the contaminated muddy rivers
Inundation of waves over mountain tureens
Cause a tumultuous desire for love and death

You don't see me
Beauty becomes endemic like a clouded forest
Riding a road that can vanish into nothingness
Fear courses the mind and invades my veins
Spiritual natives burn incense to guide my paths
Recreation of oneself transport the soul into many lives

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