Dec 29, 2010

V-Day writing assignment

You're alone at home watching an episode of Law and Order when you hear a light knock at your door. You hesitantly get up from the couch to answer it, but find no one is there. You look around curiously only to find a Valentine's day card sitting on your welcome mat.

'Who is knocking on my door at this time of night?' I said to myself outloud as I wrapped my snuggie over my torso and slowly walk towards the door. I tip toed softly over the carpet and gently looked through the peep hole. I see nothing. I stand there waiting for another knock; I hear nothing except the stupid State Farm commercial on T.V. I peep through my living room curtains and nobody is there. I took a deep breath and slowly opened the front door. I see nothing but the dark night, street lights, and at my feet I saw a sealed envelope. 'What tha?' I said outloud again. I am scared now because I live alone and hardly never get visitors, especially uninvited visitors. I grab the envelope and rush to close the door. I put the chain on and double locked every lock to feel a little more safe. The envelope was lumpy like something other than a letter or card was inside. With nothing but the T.V. making noise in my house I walk back to my couch and sit down. I placed the envelope on my coffee table and just stared at it for only a minute. It was a deep red color with one large pink heart sticker sealing it closed on the back. There is no name or address on it anywhere. I can't tell if maybe this was delivered to the wrong house, maybe my neighbor Kimberly was supposed to get this. She is young, cute, and always goes on dates with random guys. I thought about taking it over to her, but I had no proof it belonged to her. I guess the only way to find out who it is for is to open it. I don't know why I am so scared, but this feels so wrong and strange. I picked up the evelope and with my index finger I opened the pink heart sticker seal and slowley pulled out a card. Just as I pulled it out half way something wet began to seep out of it. I felt something drip on my big toe and when I looked down I noticed it was as crimson as the color of th envelope. I jerked irractly while still holding the card and the rest of it came out on my coffee table. It was indeed a Valentine card because of the gaudy heart designs on the front, but I couldn't get over the shock of the severed finger taped to the fron of the card. I couldn't scream, I just jumped on the arm of my couch and began to hyperventalate. I must of passed out because awhile later I woke up on my living room floor next to my couch. My head hurt real bad too, I must have fell on my side table on my way down. I slowley looked at my table and the card was gone! The blood stain was still on my big toe, but the card and any evidence of it being in my house was gone. I quickly got up from the floor; which was a bad idea because the blood didn't catch up to my brain and I almost passed out again. I caught myself on my chair before I fell and made myself breath slowly. That breath quickly turned into panic because I also noticed my T.V. was no longer on. The house was pitch dark and I didn't know if I was alone anymore. I ran to the kitchen to call the police, but just as I reached the doorway a large man came walking towards me. I stopped in mid stride, my eyes were wide open trying to focuse in the dark, and my instincts took over as I began to run the opposite direction. Fear was coursing through my veins like venom and my heart was skipping beats as I ran away from my kitchen towards my front door. I heard his gradual footsteps coming after me and all I could do was pray. 'Dammit!' I yelled, the door was not easy to get out of because I locked every lock on it! I fumbled with the chain until that unlatched, I began to twist the first lock when I felt a large wet hand on my right shoulder. I jumped and turned around to only see my ex-husband standing there with a wide grin and a very sharp knife. I began to scream for help, but he pushed his hand hard against my face. I could taste his wet salty skin, that dripped with something I could not see. He said, "Happy Valentine's Day sweetie! Did you miss me?" I couldn't answer him because my mouth was muffled and I just kept trying to scream for help. Nobody could hear me. That is when I noticed his ring finger; the one that use to wear our wedding ring was missing and his hand was bleeding perfusly from his wound. 'He cut off his own finger?' I thought to myself. I knew he was crazy, but never to the point of insanity like now. Through his hand I wanted to bite his wound hoping I could maybe get away, but I couldn't because he was too strong and I couldn't move my head at all.

The scene turned black.

The homocide detectives found the card in the kitchen after followng the trail of blood. There were two dead bodies in the house; a woman's body who had her throat slit from ear to ear laying by the front door, and a man's body with multiple stab wounds in his torso that looked self inflicted and a missing ring finger.

Inside the card read:

My love grew deep

like the 6foot steep

hole I dug for your sleep

every waking moment

of the rest of your life

will only be remembered

by the edge of my knife!

Love is forever,


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